Basic Tips on SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most important thing in building traffic or the number of visitors to your site via search engines. The first page of search results (top ten in google) displays some sites and these sites that possess a good optimization in SEO, so that these sites get higher rankings in google.
Here are some SEO tips that might be useful for you.
  1. Determine the keywords that best fit the theme of your website / blog It is most important in determining the keywords for your site or blog is a link the keyword with the theme or content of your site. Also, do not repeat the same word in your keyword more than 3 times, because of the possibility of your blog will be considered spam.
  2. Use the Right Domain Use a domain that is easily remembered by the people and in accordance with the theme of your website. Should your primary domain contains keywords. Example: (If the theme of your website / blog on the Internet ).
  3. Create a Unique Title of Homepage The best title for your site or blog is the title of which contains keywords from your website. For that, use your main keyword in the title. Also use the appropriate title with the content of your website and do not use overly long title (preferably no more than 60 characters).
  4. Create a description (meta tags: "description") for Your Website In making a description, use more words that effective and relevant to your site or blog. Also use your main keyword.
  5. Use Keywords in Your Content
  6. Effectively use your keywords in the heading, the contents of the text (especially the first 20 words), links, alt text, and file names.
The above are some basic tips on SEO that you need to apply in Website / Blog before you register it to the Search Engine. And for the next most important step in SEO is to continually update the website / your blog. Good luck and hopefully useful       


Castors mengatakan...

Thanks for the nice tips.SEO is an emerging field now.So, we need to keep our self updated to work better.Otherwise our works will not have any value.

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